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Assessment Collections

Garfinkel Law understands that the timely collection of owner assessments is critical to the financial health of your community.

When these assessments become delinquent, we make it our job to assist your association with recovering the amounts due while making the process as hassle-free as possible for you.

Garfinkel Law provides you with 2 options with regard to Collections.  The “Standard Option” is the traditional monthly billing model where we bill for work performed and request costs deposits at various points during the action to pay for court fees and service fees.

The  “Advancement Option” is our cost and fees fronting model.  Associations who opt for this model will only see an invoice for a collections case under two specific circumstances: 1) the association asks us to close out the file and stop collections against the owner, or 2) the association obtains title to the property at the foreclosure sale in the assessment collection case.  Up until the occurrence of one of these contingencies, we front all fees and costs to prosecute the collections file and try to collect those fees and costs from the owner during the process. The advancement of fees and costs option further aligns our interests with the interests of your community. We will ensure that the recovery of your delinquent assessments are handled attentively and swiftly since we are not paid until your collection matter is finalized.

Whether you choose the “Standard Option” or “Advancement Option, the vast majority of our collection work, under both Options, is flat fee based.

Board Members and their Community Association Managers are provided a full and detailed history of the status of all collection and foreclosure matters we are handling on their behalf.  Our ultimate goal is to bring a delinquent owner into financial good standing through full payment of all past due amounts owed to the Association.  We take the worry and frustration associated with the collection of delinquent accounts off of your shoulders.

We collect the funds your Community needs, when you need them the most.

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Our decades of collection experience can benefit your community tremendously!