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Association Representation

Garfinkel Law handles all aspects of Association law, whether it is collecting assessments from an owner, writing a legal opinion, evaluating contracts, drafting contracts, drafting or amending corporation documents, participating in board meetings, annual meetings, elections, arbitration, litigation, mediation, insurance claims, construction issues, or property inspections, we are here for your community.

Transactional needs of an Association consist of general legal requests, such as document reviews, amendments of corporation documents, drafting contracts, negotiating contracts, review of funding and assisting in loans and budget preparation, providing written legal opinions on issues faced by the community, and other general litigation needs. Garfinkel Law provides attentive, accurate, and clear answers accompanied by personalized care. Any question your association has, you can count on your Garfinkel Law legal team to get you the answer quickly, effectively, and accurately.

Assessment Collections

The collection of delinquent assessments from initial demand through foreclosure. With regard to Collections, we offer our clients two collection models.

The “Standard Option” is the traditional monthly billing model where we bill for work performed and request costs deposits at various points during the action to pay for court fees and service fees.


The “Advancement Option” is our cost and fees fronting model. Associations who opt for this model will only see an invoice for a collections case under two specific circumstances: 1) the association asks us to close out the file and stop collections against the owner, or 2) the association obtains title to the property at the foreclosure sale in the assessment collection case. Up until the occurrence of one of these contingencies, we front all fees and costs to prosecute the collections file and try to collect those fees and costs from the owner during the process. However, the vast majority of our collection work, under both Options, is flat fee based.


Contract Reviews

Reviewing, negotiating and drafting proposed contractual agreements between your Association and third parties

Covenant Enforcement

Enforcement of covenants, restrictions, rules and regulations from the initial violation notice through injunction

Draft and Amend Corporate Documents

Assisting your Association in amending, consolidating, preserving and reinstating its governing documents as needed

Providing legal opinions interpretation of the governing documents, relevant Florida and Federal law and applicable case law

General Litigation

Defending your Association with respect to any lawsuits brought against the Association which are not covered by the Association’s Directors and Officers Liability or General Liability insurance policies

General Representation

Advising your Association as to its legal obligations and options as they pertain to any number of proposed projects or issues including the preparation of attorney opinion letters for financing and insurance purposes

Attendance at Board Meetings

Attending, upon request, meetings of the membership or Board of Directors including annual and special meetings


Instituting legal action on behalf of your Association

Attendance at Annual and Special Meetings

Attending, upon request, meetings of the membership or Board of Directors including annual and special meetings

Addressing Emergencies

Assisting your Association in times of Emergency:  helping navigate a complex first party insurance claim; revieweing vendor contracts; preparing you before a storm hits and helping you pick up the pieces in the devastating aftermath; and assist with securing loans and funding

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