Lisa Dancel


Lisa is originally from Los Angeles, CA. She and her twin sons moved to Florida in 2008. She brings over 15 years of experience in the legal field, including extensive trial experience. She has been a main team player on several cases that have resulted in multi-million dollar settlements or judgments. She is well-versed in the areas of personal injury, first-party insurance claims for both homeowners and associations, association law, and family law. Always happy to get her feet wet, Lisa also meets on-site with insurance inspectors and experts as needed and regularly attends board meetings. Additionally, she helps organize and attend various marketing events throughout the year.


The rest of her household currently includes dogs, sugar gliders, and a tortoise. She is very active in her church, Grace Fellowship Sanford. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, attending hockey games, and spending time outdoors, whether camping, hiking, backpacking, kayaking – preferably with her four-legged family members. A fun fact about Lisa is that as a child, she was used as a model for the illustrations in a children’s book! She also once spent a summer doing prison ministry in South Africa.